Small is powerful.

You can make a difference in the lives of people living in extreme poverty by:

  • Renting our event space
  • Coworking with us
  • And even parking your car!

Take a look around and discover the power of small.

Who We Are

Smart Ant Solutions is an enterprising non-profit supporting innovative supportive housing services in Vancouver and community-based development services in areas of extreme poverty, internationally.

A member of Community Builders International Network since 2010, the mission of Smart Ant Solutions is to support persons in their quest to find natural and sustainable pathways of wellness. The vision of the not-for-profit business is improved supportive housing capacity in Metro Vancouver and increased community-based development services in Haiti and sub-Saharan Africa.

Smart Ant Solutions values:

  • Respect for all persons
  • Natural sustainability
  • Open learning
  • Sociological modeling of emergence – the phenomenon which explains the self-organization of groups through random interactions, feedback loops and pattern recognition

Smart Ant supports social environments which allow participants to use heuristic methods (discovery through trial and error) to achieve their goals. Smart Ant is also the beneficiary of pro bono services offered by a network of entrepreneurs, community professionals and experienced volunteers.

Want to get involved? Contact us.